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The Story Behind BackVert

I had hit a tree. I remember a ski patroller’s darth vader-like face appear before me:

Ski patroller: “What hurts?”

Me: “My scapula.”

Somehow my brain extracted “scapula” from 4th grade biology class. That’s the last thing I remember before blacking out. Waking up, I learned the extent of my injuries: half a dozen broken and/or shattered ribs (which were scraping against my scapula), a punctured lung, and fractured vertebrae. But the permanent ramifications included a shifted spine and rotated hip, along with two titanium ribs aka my “titanium titties."

Damn, there goes my ski season.

When I finally emerged from the ICU eight days later, I dove into an ambitious recovery routine, meeting daily with a small army of doctors, chiropractors, and therapists, determined to get back to normal.

295 days later - much to my mother’s dismay - I returned to the slopes in the best shape of my life.

Despite being able to backcountry ski, sprint through tough mudders, cruise through parkour gyms, there was one activity my body refused to handle: sitting.

The days started with a 45 minute commute.

Shifting in my seat, my knuckles turned white as I gripped the steering wheel, trying to escape the pain. The brief walk from the garage to the office offered only momentary relief. Ten hours of desk work left my body reeling. I found myself constantly fidgeting, preferring to frequently kneel on the floor rather than sit. Nothing helped. No matter the chair, it felt wrong, unnatural to sit.

I knew I needed help; I didn’t want to quit my job, which I was seriously considering given the pain from sitting all day. I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying every new product, therapy or technique I could get my hands on. Nothing worked.

There were two options: Give up and lead a life dominated by pain, discomfort, and frustration or figure out a way to help myself.

With the direction of my doctors and specialists, I started to research the cause of back pain from sitting. I discovered that all chairs are built a) to a standard dimension (how is one size supposed to fit everyone?!), and b) for "lumbar support," which actually inhibits proper posture!

It was clear that I needed to design my own device. Drawing from the expertise of my doctors, my research, and the products I purchased, I designed BackVert - a back support device that brings customized posture, comfort, and happiness to every chair.

Through BackVert I have helped people improve their lifestyle and overall health - and my goal is to help many more!

Happy Sitting,




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